Ride Safe Madison endorses Paul Soglin for Mayor & Rebecca Kemble for city council

Cab Drivers for Madison Safety and Ride Safe Madison are proud to endorse Paul Soglin for Madison’s 2015 Mayoral race.10957905_937559616255506_1715475698790446980_n

As a former cab driver himself, Paul understands Commercial transportation intimately. He knows what it means to work long hours behind the wheel and the measure of safety and accountability that must accompany any genuine cab driver.

When Uber and Lyft came to Madison it was hardly a surprise that the Koch brothers showed up to promote the mission of these companies to put uninsured drivers with no public accountability in uninspected vehicles on Madison streets just so Uber and Lyft could make a quick buck.
In the year that has passed since Uber and Lyft began operating illegally in Madison, they have shown this community time and time again that they are neither accountable or in the least bit ethical in their actions or methods of business.

Scott Resnick has shown Madison that he neither understands or values the idea of safe and accountable commercial transportation. Even when The Koch Brothers lobbying front AFP began promoting the efforts of Uber to defraud Madisonians and lie to the Madison city council, Scott Resnick still showed support for his own proposed changes to the Madison commercial transportation ordinance that would allow uninsured drivers with Lyft and Uber to operate without actual insurance, discriminate against Madison residents based on age, income and race and charge Madisonians what ever they wished with no justification or accountability.

The very purpose of Cab Drivers For Madison Safety and Ride Safe Madison is to protect and uphold Safety, Accountability and Fair service to ALL Madison residents. Paul Soglin shares that purpose.

Please turn out to vote on April 7th and show your support for Paul Soglin.


Cab Drivers for Madison Safety and Ride Safe Madison are VERY proud to endorse Rebecca Kemble for District 18 (North side) of Madison. 


As a Madison cab driver, Rebecca knows the community well.  The 18th district faces challenges that Rebecca is more than ready to meet.

Please turn out to vote on April 7th and show your support for Rebecca Kemble.

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