Uber should be held Liable for wrongful deaths in passenger assualt incidents including Kalamazoo mass shootings

It should be noted to the families of those slain in the recent Kalamazoo shootings as well as other victims of passenger and also driver assault with the Uber service that Uber technologies has had in place since October of LAST YEAR, a LIVE 1-800 number for reporting drivers and customers.
This 1-800 service was not discovered until March of 2016.
The company was keeping this service a secret and claimed that the 1-800 number was not for “emergency” use.
Though the release of the 1-800 number was for “limited areas” the number can be accessed nationally and the representatives available have access to Uber driver and customer information NATION WIDE.
The system operates by putting the caller in touch with a live Uber representative who has access too:
-Active and inactive Driver and passenger records.
-DIRECT Communication with uber representatives who are able to track and locate drivers in real time through the app’s “god mode”.
Shortly before the Kalamazoo shootings began, an Uber customer who had riden with the shooter Jason Dalton, posted the following picture and warning to facebook after getting no direct response from Uber for his complaints through the app reporting service until hours AFTER the shootings had occurred.
If Uber had made their passengers aware of the 1-800 service this incident could have undoubtedly been prevented. Uber customers had been complaining to uber through the app about Dalton’s erratic and dangerous driving for hours before the shootings began.
Traditional taxi companies are constantly in contact with their drivers and maintain full knowledge of their current location. If an incident is reported with a taxi driver a live dispatch is directly in contact with the customer and direct reports are called into the police for incidents concerning dangerous driving and assaults.
Uber’s method of customer incident reporting through the app exchanges text messages and emails which typically take Uber several hours to respond to.
Since October of 2015 when uber established the 1-800 number there have been over 41 incidents with Uber drivers, all of which could have been either prevented or directly responded to by law enforcement if Uber had been properly relaying incident reports on behalf of their customers and drivers.
Take into account the circumstances of wrongful death lawsuits:

In order to bring a successful wrongful death cause of action, the following elements must be present:

The death of a human being;

Caused by another’s negligence, or with intent to cause harm;

The survival of family members who are suffering monetary injury as a result of the death,….

A wrongful death claim may arise out of a number of circumstances, such as in the following situations:

Medical malpractice that results in decedent’s death;

Automobile or airplane accident;

Occupational exposure to hazardous conditions or substances;

Criminal behavior;

Death during a supervised activity.


A simple break down of the factors that indicate Uber is liable:
– A system of safety or safe guarding that was in place at the time of the incident that could have prevented the incident but was either not employed by operator (in this case Uber) or not properly made available to the customer or general public (in this case the 1-800 number that was active at the time but not included in Uber’s available forms of communications to customers or the general public).
– A series of early warnings and complaints submitted by customers INDICATING A CLEAR DANGER TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND A DANGER TO THOSE NOT USING THE SERVICE (the general public) which were submitted HOURS BEFORE the incident but not acted upon by the operator (in this case uber) until HOURS AFTER the incident.
– In these circumstances when these factors existed in previous wrongful death suits and civil actions the companies were very clearly found liable.
– These factors hold Uber liable that they were submitted and held complaints indicating a clear public danger AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BEFORE the shootings took place.
Since Uber DID in fact have a system in place that could have prevented many of these incidents or at the very least hurried the response time of law enforcement to them, the liability does rest with Uber for not having the system made available through the app to it’s customers and with open notice the general public through it’s website and not acting upon complaints which were submitted HOURS before the shootings took place.

Facebook Removal of content concerning Uber Lobbying in Queensland Australia (video)

Ride Safe Madison founder Justin La Plante’s facebook profile was suspended from posting or communication through the social networking site today.

A recent post made by La Plante, (now removed by facebook) contained publicly available information regarding an Uber operations manager working in Queensland and an Uber lobbyists also working in eastern Australia.



Original content of post removed by facebook:

Queesnland! here are your power players with Uber:

Uber Queensland and Sydney representatives and influence.

Chad Hardy


Operations & Logistics Manager at Uber

Brisbane, Australia

This is THE regional operations manager for Queensland. He calls the shots and makes the dirty deals.

Outreach Coordinator
Out for Australia
Out for Australia is an organisation that seeks to support and mentor aspiring LGBTIQ professionals as they navigate their way through the early stages of their career. 

Likley manipulating the LGBTIQ community of Australia for marketing with Uber.

Jessica Morton
Strategy & Planning at Uber

Sydney, Australia

This is a lobbying manager and likely has been taking several meetings with your elected political representatives.

Previously employed by Goldman Sachs. These people are leeches.

Both have worked in administration and councils with the University of queensland.
Uber seems to be hiring directly from the university of queensland.

Response Statement from La Plante:

Hello all,

I’ve asked Sean Stultz to mirror this post for me.  Thank you very much Sean for the assist.
As we have seen in the past (VERY rarely), if a taxi company, news organization or lobbying effort ever had something false to claim about Uber, Uber has been all over it to use it as a means to damn their detractors and claim that taxi companies do nothing but lie and endanger the public.
In my case, Uber tries their hardest to ignore the things I uncover as they can not deny them.
Today something entirely different happened.
I had been researching the recent lobbying efforts of Uber in eastern Australia.
A general manager for Uber in Queensland by the name of Chad Hardy and  lobbying representative by the name of Jessica Morton came up.  I’ve found very little information on the special interest connections with these two individuals while trying very hard to navigate Australia’s current political map.
One thing I did notice was Chad hardey’s involvement with ‘Out for Australia’ an Australian LBGTQ Rights group.  As we have seen int he past Uber likes to manipulate community interests like these to co-opt their own agenda.  This is the reason for the suggestion that Mr. Hardy may be manipulating Out for Australia for the Uber agenda.  One would think that such a suggestion would have been a viable source to accuse defamation or slander if it was in fact false and leave it for all to see in order to retract what I was saying.
Instead the posts were removed by Facebook after several take down requests were made.
This may be from the automated system taking the post down from a certain volume of take down requests or a direct petition with live support having done the take down and suspension.
Or it may simply be that the large amount of shares from the original post lead to a large amount of facebook uber shills reporting it.  However if negative reports on my Uber content lead to such a thing, I would have been banned from facebook long ago.  Even facebook maintains some level of respecting truth in journalism and free expression.
In any case I am blocked from posting, communicating or doing anything but only seeing the content of facebook currently and for the next three days.
There are several things that perplex me about Uber’s political relationships in Australia.  It is far more secretive and less reported than anywhere else I’ve seen the company operate.  The fact that Uber has gone this far in getting content removed and maintain silence indicates that I am on to something they do not want in the public eye.
I know many of you are messaging.  i can not respond, “like” post, reply or so much as friend request until the block is lifted in three days.
Justin La Plante